Will The Real Lifetime Granite Sealer Please Stand Up

Natural rock counter tops are the most desirable center piece of many home improvement projects, but sometimes people are leery of this option because of the contradictory advice about care and durability. Since there are thousands of types of granite, there’s never been one set answer that can adequately take care of every type of countertop! Urban legend holds to re-seal your stone on some sort of predetermined schedule.
Sealing granite was no biggy to begin with. Get some paper towels to clean up, put on the sealer, and wipe it off.
A lot of the stones are already no maintenance right from the mountains, so this works more often than not. If your stone needs a little more help, then the situation gets a bit murkier.Long term or lifetime stain warranties have been offered by a few companies. Almost all of them can be categorized in one of three ways:
1) You can’t stain this variety, so they’ll be happy to guarantee it. Enough bad sealers have been eliminated from the market to find the ones that work. Knowing what to sell allows them to offer you something of value. While not a granite sealer scam, it wasn’t exactly what people thought they were buying.
2) Sometimes you can get a very long warranty with lots and lots of fine print, and the doubtful value therin.
3) Some sealer companies are aware that only a very tiny proportion of granite countertops will stain to begin with. By utilizing a good sealer and experienced stone restoration teams.
If you need a bit more, you’ll be glad to hear that there is another option.
Several stone fabricators that had utilized dozens of products that were already on the market with mixed success knew that it had to be possible to create a sealer that worked on any type of stone. They were correct, and the product has now been tested on thousands of countertops, installed by several hundred fabrication shops. The granite sealer reviews were amazing.
The status quo has been disturbed.
The industry’s most durable protection can only be provided with a two step process. The “undercoat” is so good that it’s regularly used by itself on medium porosity stones, but wouldn’t offer lifetime protection. The second part of the formula creates an unbeatable layer that is super protective. When brought together, you get the most amazing lifetime granite sealer available.There are “warranties” and there are warranties.
Does your fabricators brand of sealer really work? Suggest they do scientific comparison test if they’re not 100% positive that their product works with all stones in any kitchen surroundings.