Why Your Ex's Rebound Relationship Might Be The Best Think For Yours

There are few things as painful as seeing the person you lovequickly get involved with somebody else – a rebound relationship.
What’s really going on in a rebound relationship is that your ex is going out with someone else to help them get over you. For many people, rebound relationships keep them from having to address the pain of a breakup. Therapists generally call such relationships “transitional,” which means they help people move on from something meaningful, like true love.
Regardless of whose fault it was, regardless of who finally called it quits, if your relationship was based on true love, it might be able to be saved – even if your ex is with somebody else right now.
Usually individuals run to someone totally completely different in a rebound relationship. If you were thoughtful, their new romantic interest might not be so nice. If you were positive and fun-loving, there’s a good bet the new person will be quieter and more distant. Or it might be the other way around. The point is, your ex will focus on what was wrong in your relationship, and naturally move along to something different.
And that’s a good thing, for tworeasons. First, it suggests that your ex continues to be thinking about you even when going out with the new person. And, you may have a chance to determine what your ex really needs in a relationship.
If your ex ran to somebody completely different from you, it probably means something they needed in a relationship was absent in yours. If you actually need to get your ex back, this can be a time to create some changes.
You will be happy to grasp that the vast majority of rebound relationships don’t last. So be patient. The more time your ex spends with their new love interest, the more they will see their flaws – and the better you will look. And when your ex sees that you have really made positive changes, that can only improve your image.
No matter what, do not crawl back to your ex quickly. They need to have a chance to appreciate for themselves that they miss you and each of the good things about your relationship. So play it cool. When your ex decides to start talking, be understanding. Welcome him or her back fondly. After all, this is the new, superior you!
Here are a few tips to note if your ex is on the rebound…
– Allow your ex discover for him or herself that you are what they want. Don’t try so hard to influence them.
– If you were wrong, ask for forgiveness. However only one time. Not over and over. If your ex accepts your apology, good. If not, let it go. Your ex will realize on their own why they love you.
– Even if you suspect you should make some changes, do not promise to do so. You are the person you ex fell for in the first place. If you make improvements on your own, nice!
– Never, ever beg. Your ex will only lose respect for you.
Rebound relationships will be really painful for the person left behind. However don’t give up hope. A rebound relationship may be a clear sign that your ex isn’t over you either!