5 Reasons Why French Art is Famous

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The quality of education offered in the country is the reason why thousands of applications are made yearly from foreign students.

The comfort of life and stability in terms of the health care system is what makes people tools to permanently relocate to France.

Its stable economy attracts thousands of investors each year. Their Industries and companies are booming. It has a very stable e-commerce market in Europe.

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The French aesthetic charms the hearts of lovers is that is why people see France as the country of love.

French art is what drives millions of tourists from all over the world. This makes the subject of our article today. We shall explore all the reasons that makeis French art so famous.

1.  Biggest art auctions

The one thing about art is that the lovers of art are willing to spend any amount of money to get their hands on a unique and rich piece.

This is why France host one of the biggest art auction every year. Many people from all over the world gather to bid an amazing piece is from renowned artists.

Over the last year cancellation of these events was inevitable due to covid-19 however you can still purchase some of these incredible pieces of art online.

I would not be the first one to fall into the deception of some of these online stores that sell fake or poor quality art.

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Most of these art auctions are located in urban areas like Paris.

Examples of most famous auctions in Paris are; Christie’s Paris, Bonhams Paris, Cornette de Saint-Cyr, Artcurial,Osenat Auctions, among others.

2. France is home to some of the world’s biggest museums 

The Louvre museum in Paris has been named the biggest museum in the world. It has a collection of unpriceable pieces of art.

It just millions of visitors every year generating for France good revenue. Of course the liver is not the only art museum in Paris.

You may visit the centre Pompidou Museum,  musee de orsay Museum,  musee de orangerie Museum, or Jeu de Paume Museum, among so many options.

3. France has a collection of artworks by famous artists 

Some of the world’s best artists that have had their work displayed in these big museums in France.

Eugene delacroix,  with his famous epic oil painting Liberty leading the people  displayed at the Louvre.

Leonardo da Vinci even though not French has his painting as the most famous art pieces of all time, Mona Lisa displayed at the Louvre.

The paintings of Pablo Picasso are eminently displayed at the Musee National Picsso in Paris.

The centre of the media also hosts masterpieces from Yves Klein,  most known for its conceptual and monochrome flow.

4.  France hosts some of the world’s biggest art exhibitions event and shows yearly 

Have you ever attended an art exhibition? If you haven’t, take this as a sign to list one on your bucket list.

Throughout the year, there are amazing art exhibitions with a diversity of exhibitions in most of these art museums.

Some of the few that are coming out soon include; ‘The Roman Emperor: a Mortal among the Gods‘, Musée de la Romanité, Nîmes scheduled for 19th September 2021 and the ‘The Imaginary Sea’, Villa Carmignac, Île de Porquerolles on October 17th 2021.

You can always find this information online from reliable what’s it on the museum’s website.

5. It has many different varieties of art specialities 

France is not just known for medieval painting but also for other categories of art specialties.

This includes sculptures, printmaking, art design, architecture, digital-media, contemporary art, studio arts, gothic art, paintings and many more.

With a wide collection of specialties one can enjoy everything France has to offer in these museums.

Art students get a chance to learn a lot from  the artworks and the artists.